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Wine Pairing With Grilled Foods

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Chef Colin Crowley and wine educator Jessica Bell give you tips on griling and wine pairing.
Grilled meat/steaks topped with desired sauce and butter and olive oil are paired with varieties of wine from Spain, Argentina, Australia.
Tamari, a red wine is a perfect accompaniment to flank steak and grilled potato salad.
Grilled fruits, grilled mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes are the best accompaniment to varieties of wines...

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Recipes & Food Pairings Summary
Wine pairing with grilled foods are presented in this video , and also other food accompaniments like grilled potato salad, grilled mushrooms and many others are shown. Some other accompaniments like sauce and butter with olive oil paired foods are also provided as concept.

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Wine Pairing With Grilled Foods Video, Recipes & Food Pairings Summary