Christophe Tassan Suggestions For Good Sommelier

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Brian Freed and Cristophe Tassan share a discussion on the emerging development of in house Sommelier's and how they assist in an enjoyable dining experience.
The job of a sommelier is not only to serve, but also to understand the expectations and taste of their customer. They also suggest about the dining taste to their customer.
A sommelier gives a wide range of options of dishes and drinks and the customer has to choose whatever they like. He is also expected to know everything about the food and drink that restaurant is serving in a proper way.

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Le Bec-fin Interview With Le Bec-fin's, Christophe Tassan
Brian Freed and Cristophe Tassan are discussing about in house Sommelier which can assist their customers according to their needs. In this video, they explain the job of Sommelier, dining taste of customer and how to know about customers taste and needs so that a restaurant can serve in a better way.

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