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How to Throw a Wine Tasting Party?

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A mumbo jumbo article that I ran into. This is from Iv posted my comments in red, pls post yours too! 


This particular party is helpful for practicing the art of pairing wines with food. It is fun and appropriate for beginners and experts. Step OneChoose two to five simple foods. Suggestions are different types of cheese, cold shrimp, chicken skewers, pate and olives or whatever else you are trying to finish at home. Try to have a balance between salty foods, rich foods, delicate foods and so on. So on?!? Hmmm ... Step TwoPrepare a list of wines that are good matches, average matches and poor matches for each of the foods you have selected. Do I really need to be reading this article if I can do this already?Step ThreeHave everybody attending the tasting bring a bottle of wine from the list. I'll probably be the only one attending then.Step FourSet up three glasses for each taster. Be sure to have good lighting and a white tablecloth. Who will pay for the glasses ? Oh I forgot, based on Step Three, its just me attending. Step FivePour the good, average and poor matching wines that correspond to one of the food items. That helps!Step SixBegin with a "starter taste" of wine individually, before tasting with the food. Encourage group discussions. What is starter taste? Cant I just drink it?Step SevenServe the appropriate food item. Define appropriate. Based on Step 2 are we looking at good matches, average matches, or poor matches for the wine?Step EightNow, taste the poorly matching wine. Darn! Had I read setp 8 before 7, I would have known the answer to seven! Step NineSample the food with the average-matching wine. Now, I am confused.Step TenFinally, sample the food with the good-matching wine. Oh, we are going in a sequence. Step Eleven Discuss your opinions, if you have any. If not, then drink more! You're still sober. Step Twelve Rinse the glasses with water and move on to the next food item and matching wines. You might cleanse your palates with dry crackers in between. Matching wine this time, eh? [Source:]

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How To Throw A Wine Tasting Party?