ToutSuite International Champagne Day - Part One With Christian Oggenfuss And Guests

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Join us for an interactive livestream tasting during the 24-hour celebration with Champagne lovers across the globe!

03:00pm – Introduction to Champagne Day and overview of guests and format

03:05pm – Introduction of Catherine Fallis, MS – Co-Host of Champagne Day – teaser for Champagne Sabering

03:15pm – Catherine Fallis on grower Champagne vs. Houses

03:40PM – Taittinger special guest

04:00pm – Champagne Cocktails with mixologist Jim Wrigley of Fagiani's at The Thomas

04:10pm – What makes a great Champagne Cocktail

04:20pm – Three Champagne Cocktails with audience participation and tasting

04:30pm – Special Guest Robert Houde-President of Robert House Wines LLC, importer and distributor of fine wines & Champagnes (and former head sommelier at Charlie Trotter's) will reveal details on the launch of his new Grower Champagne, D. Henriet-Bazin Champagnes, in the US market.

4:50pm – Interview with Ruth Frantz, Founder of Henri’s Reserve – share ideas, tips & tricks on holiday entertaining with Champagne.

05:10pm – Ask the expert! Champagne questions for Catherine Fallis, Master Sommelier, and Christian Oggenfuss

05:20pm – Total Wine and More on their six grower/producers they selected espcially for #ChampagneDay 2012 – Audience to taste along and vote for favorite!

05:40pm – Styles of Champagne with Catherin Fallis MS and Christian Oggenfuss (studio audience to participate in tasting and discussion)

06:10 pm – Non-traditional, unexpected, and truly awesome food pairings with Champagne Catherine Fallis, MS, Christian Oggenfuss and ToutSuite's Didier Loustau

06:30 pm – Audience vote on favorite Champagne style and food pairing

06:45pm – Grand Finale with Catherin Fallis, MS, exhibits sabering a Champagne with a final, unforgettable performance, LIVE!

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