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Live from Australia With Sam Scarpari - Episode #256 - Part 2

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark shares wine with Sam Scarpari of Seraphim Wines via Skype. Sam is 8800 miles away and 16 hours ahead in Australia. He and Mark are just a couple of blokes drinking wine and chatting. They each have three wines they are discussing. Two wines are the same label - Penfold's Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon (Mark has 2009 and Sam has 2010), Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon (Mark has 2009 and Sam has 2008). The third wine is from Bordeaux. Mark has the 2006 Chateau Beaumont and Sam has the 2009 Chateau le Bourdieu.

They compare and contrast the wines being tasted. While the first two wines are the same label they each have a different vintage. This lends to a discussion of how each wine is not only the same stylistically, but differences due to vintage. The Bordeaux wines are different labels and vintages so this leads to a discussion of each wine's characteristics but what also makes them a Bordeaux.

This is a first where Mark is not talking about a winemaker's wine but talking with a winemaker about different wines. Sam has also been producing an internet wine show called Wine Passions TV where he reviews wine. He also has a label called Seraphim Wines. Unfortunately it is a small production wine and only has distribution in a small area of Australia which is why they didn't taste his wines.

As you can see above this is a three part episode. I decided to release all three in the same week rather than over a three week period. The main reason is next week there will be another special guest and I didn't want the next guest's interview to be delayed two weeks. So sit back and enjoy an hour and a half to a couple of blokes enjoying wine separated by half a world.

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Live From Australia With Sam Scarpari - Episode #256 - Part 2 Video