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French Wines101

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French wines are close to the hearts of wine lovers everywhere. There is such a rich history involved in the french wine making regions that they don't even bother to list on the label the grapes used to make the wine. The reason is that the same grapes have been planted in the same regions for many many years.

Join us to learn about french wine regions, grapes and wine lables as we speak with The Wine School of Philadelphia. To find your favorite bottle of wine visit us at

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Learning about French wines
In this video, Brian Freedman and Keith Wallace are providing a quick class on French wines. At the The Wine School of Philadelphia, they are discussing the most popular french wines and why these wines are unique to their regions and the grapes used to make them. They teach viewers how to recognize taste and texture in a wine and understand french vintages. Take a look at the video to learn more.

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French Wines101 Video, Learning About French Wines