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Drink South of the Border Wines from Chile

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There are wines that we can enjoy from all over the world, today we review two Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Chile. Join The Classic Wines Minute as Brian Freedman describes the currans, chocolate, cedar and dark ripe fruit on the nose of the wines, and explains why he would pair one of them with a big rib eye steak. Food and wine, what could be better

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Review of Casillero Del Diablo and the Cuvee Alexander 2005.
In this video, Brian is reviewing two of the best wines from Chile and they are the Casillero Del Diablo and the Cuvee Alexander 2005. He likes both the wines due to the stronger tastes and flavors. He recommends the Cuvee Alexander 2005 as a food wine while the Casillero Del Diablo is great as a sipping wine. Watch the video to learn more.

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Drink South Of The Border Wines From Chile Video, Review Of Casillero Del Diablo And The Cuvee Alexander 2005.