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Champagne: How to Open with a Saber

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Have you ever wondered about the bubbles in Champagne? How about how to open the bottle, or how about that famous party trick of opening the Champagne bottle with a saber? Join The Classic Wines Minute as we answer these questions and more. Veuve Clicquot has allowed us to sample their wine and discuss Veuve Clicquot Champagne with Charles Curtis, director of wine and spirits education for Moet Hennessey.

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FAQs about Champagne
In this video, Charles Curtis, director of wine and spirits education of Moet Hennessy, shows how to open a classic bottle of champagne without losing a single drop. He also deals with viewer questions and answers common questions that viewers have about champagne and how to use it. Watch the video for instructions on how to open a bottle of champagne with a saber or a knife for a special occasion.

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Champagne: How To Open With A Saber Video, FAQs About Champagne