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Wine Chat TV: Wine Lists

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Sommelier Erin Sullivan, a proud member of the Wine Sisterhood, is at Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena, California in the Napa Valley. In this video, she talks about wine lists: how they are organized and how to outsmart them to make them less intimidating. On Valentine's Day or any special dinner occasion, you may be picking a wine for your meal. Find out if you should buy the cheapest wine and how to order for very different meals. And when should you send back a bottle of wine? Erin reveals all!

Valentines Day means a beautiful dinner and a wine bottle with your sweetie. But sometimes the wine list can be even intimidating, so Sommelier Erin Sullivan, has some ways to help you outsmart the wine list. She tells us how to navigate the wine list and find the perfect bottle that fits your budget and meal.

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Wine Chat TV: Wine Lists Video