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II Poggione Overview - Wine County Information

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View these videos to learn interesting insights about the amazing wines of Il Poggione directly from their winemaker, Alessandro Bindocci.

Alessandro Bindocci is the fifth generation in the Bindocci-Franceschi partnership at Il Poggione. With a masters degree in enology from the prestigious University of Pisa, he augments his familys heritage with his experience in the classroom.

Alessandro will personally guide you through tastings of these spectacular wines.

Winemaker Alessandro Bindocci takes you right to Italy where his family has been making wines for five generations. He gives an insight to the characteristics of the soil and water in the region.He paints a picture of the microclimate of the area and you can almost imagine the vines on the valleys with the pounding ocean on one hand and the towering mountain on the other. He talks of the particular blends his family specializes in and gives an overview of how things are done back home.

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II Poggione Overview - Wine County Information Video