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Wine Review: Totally Random Wine - Peach

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We break into the peach flavored wine from Totally Random Wine.

Some wine rules are made to be broken. That is exactly what this wine does. "Totally Random Wine" from Alder Fels Winery in California has come out with a new offering in this line of wines, this time... its Peach! Not exactly a flavor you think of, when you think of wine. It is not a "peach based" wine or fermented from peaches though. Its grapes are of the moscato variety and is infused with natural peach flavoring to give it, its pleasant peachy flavor. Its not a hard core wine drinkers wine, but it is far from fermented kool-aid as well. Its flavors stand up to any "fruity" white, which makes it a great choice when served extra cold on a hot day. It would also be a great wine for infusing into cocktails. Over all a nice offering from Alder Fels in the category of "non traditional wines".

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Wine Review: Totally Random Wine - Peach Video