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Take a Virtual Trip to Doolhof Wine Estate

I spent a restful evening on the property in a converted 300-year old chapel, just down the walk from the Manner home and around the bend from the recently completed office complex fashioned from remodeled stables of an era gone by on this two-hundred year old vineyard.

Dennis is charming and passionate and alive with enthusiasm when he speaks of his efforts in the world of wine. Wine has not been his main focus in life or livelihood & dash; it is, however a new and defining chapter in a journey that has covered multiple continents.
Dersquo Olives, a companion restaurant to the estate was the scene for our wonderful session of food and wine pairing… I used to call things like this lunch. But, now I am so focused on trying to figure out the best and all of the rest, I think of all of this as very hard work and concentration (yeah, right!). Shashimi and Chardonnay, grilled Ostrich with a Pinotage and Chocolate Mousse with Pinotage Plus renders a moocha flavor that will stop you in your tracks.

Deborah Gee visits Doolhof Wine Estate. Along offering a brief outlook of the place, she also tastes some of the best wines and gets the people taking about the features of the wines she is tasting. An interesting video that will take you through an enticing wine tour!

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Take A Virtual Trip To Doolhof Wine Estate Video