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Enjoy the Bites of Christmas Turkey with White Wines

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Rebecca Dunphy shares top tasting tips for white wines to go with Christmas Turkey. Avoid lighter whites like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, and opt for something fuller and richer. Classically a Chardonnnay and I've found a lovely one from Burgundy -- St Veran -- such a reliable appellatiom -- you might think you're drinking a Meursault -- golden, rich, oatmeally and nutty, great with roast turkey or chicken, but it costs just £10 from M&S.

Christmas is soon approaching and this time try out some white wines with the turkey. Watch this video to know about some of the recommended white wines which pair just so well with Christmas Turkey. Explore all these wines with Rebeccah Dunphy in this video here..

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Enjoy The Bites Of Christmas Turkey With White Wines Video