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Enjoy the Festivities with Sparkling Shiraz

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Rebecca Dunphy chooses Australian sparkling Shiraz for xmas pudding. Wyndham Estate Sparkling Shiraz, just £10 from Morrissons. It's rich, ripe and sparkling, with port/licorice-like, prune fruit and a hint of earthiness. The sweet richness matches that of the pud, but the fizzy freshness allows you to indulge in more than one mouthful. It is the most festive of fizz with its deep, inky red colour and rich flavours. This is the most versatile wine of all time -- its wonderful with turkey topped with lashings of Cranberry sauce, the sweetness of the sauce and sweet fizz and fruit mix into one. It will even go with honey roast ham, blue cheese and it's fantastic with dark chocolate and big cheese. In fact, this is probably the only wine you will need this Christmas.

If you want to celebrate the festive season with some wines, taste this fruity Shiraz from Wyndham Estate. This rich wine pairs well with puddings and can be procured in just £10. Watch this video to know more…

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Enjoy The Festivities With Sparkling Shiraz Video