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Wine and cheese party!!

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You don't really need a reason to have a part. Just have some friends over, have food and some drinks.. and there you have a party.

I love to entertain and let me tell you one thing. I used to get so worked up before the guests came that I almost always lost the joy of having them over. Then I told myself, Relax! take a deep breath and enjoy! They are your friends, they are here to have fun not judge you. That has helped me calm down. I don't believe in saying, do the prep work before. Because there isn't much that you can do. You can't cook 4 days in advance and neither can you clean the house and keep it that way.

All parties aside, lets plan a wine and cheese party. If you plan to throw something like this keep in mind that you would need food too. No don't plan a 5 course meal. You can have finger food. Make sure you have a variety and atleast some vegetarian options. Have an assortment of bread and crackers to go with the cheese.

If you want to know what wine goes with what kind of cheese then the simple rule is pair the wine and cheese from the same country

together.             So pair Retsina with Feta or Parmigiano with a Chianti.

Wine and cheese party!!      Â

Pair hard cheese with Red wine and the White wine with the soft cheese. Cream cheese goes well with white Zinfandel. Fruits like pineapples, apples, pears and grapes go well with them too.

Plan to have appetizers kind and small plates around so people can sample. You don't need heavy food just variety. Your culinary talent is not at work either. Be a good host and keep the glasses full and the conversation going. You don't have to be a cook. Food can either be store bought or something that you can put together in a jiffy. Have them from a variety of regions. Mexican tortillas, Italian Bruchetta, French Tart or some Indian Samosas.   Â

Wine and cheese party!!              Wine and cheese party!!

Don't forget the desserts. Chocolate goes well with Red wine and cheesecakes are popular too at these parties.

Above all have a smile and enjoy the crowd. Drink and serve responsibly.

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Wine And Cheese Party!!