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Vinoptima Wine Review

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New Zealand’s reputation for producing excellent wines continues with the spectacular Gewurztraminer vintages being created. Gewurz means 'spicy' in German while traminer means 'coming from Tramin', a small city in the south of Austria’s Tyrol region, where Gewurztraminer originated. John Mackinder from Vinoptima Wines gives me a lesson in Gewurztraminer and explains what makes New Zealand a great place to produce them. You can learn more by visiting

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Vinoptima Wines At Nz Wine Show
New Zealand's has earned reputation in delivering, and processing world class wines, and Vinoptima is one such excellent example. The video takes you on tour of the wine, and this explores the classic touch of the wine.

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Vinoptima Wine Review Video, Vinoptima Wines At Nz Wine Show