Hog Island Oysters At New Zealand Wine Show Review

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A Hog Island oyster plucked from Tomales Bay today can depart San Francisco International Airport tonight and be on ice in New York City tomorrow. And yes, they are delicious! The salty brine is the perfect compliment to sweet white wines. Sean Beyo knows his oysters and helps me appreciate them even more. Check out www.hogislandoysters.com for more information.

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Hog Island Oysters At New Zealand Wine Show Review
The flavor of an oyster is determined by the unique combination of oyster and its locale. At the New Zealand Wine Tasting Event, 2007, a Hog Island oyster plucked from Tomales Bay, tastes delicious when paired with sweet white wines. Watch out the video where Sean Beyo is helping Monica to decide the best wine as an accompaniment to the oysters.

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Big fan of Hog Island. For you oyster lovers, I recommend their new cookbook. Can get it on their website: hogislandoysters.com If you're in the sf area. Besue to visit the farm...it's a trip. BUT be sure to reserve. Gets crowded on weekends.
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Hi Monica,I enjoy New York City so much and you are making my visits better with your survey of great places and food to eat.  I was wondering about Central Park.  It seems everything revolves around the Park in Manhatten.  Can you tell me how big is Central Park and, of course, tell me about the places to eat in the park.  Happy Wining and DiningRosemary