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How To Serve Blue Cheese With Wine

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Blue cheese goes well with a wide range of foods. However, be careful while serving blue cheese with wine, as the wrong pairing would spoil the taste of the wine as well as the cheese.  Try to serve blue cheese with red wine rather than serving them with white wines. The strong flavor of the blue cheese can be balanced by the sweet tasting wines.  Further, there are a lot of varieties of blue cheese, like Gorgonzola, Stilton, and Bleu d'Auvergne and Roquefort, which you need to keep in mind while deciding how to serve blue cheese with wine.

Serving blue cheese and Red wines

Serve blue cheese with the right red wine, doing so would make a wonderful pairing. Also while you serve blue cheese with red wine, you should consider personal preferences, as wine and cheese pairing differ from person to person. Serve blue cheese with Zinfandel red wine that is made from sweet grapes, this pairing is liked by many so do not forget to serve Zinfandel with blue cheese. However the sweetness varies depending on the variety of Zinfandel grapes used to make the wine.

Blue cheese with white wines

Usually, people think that the white wines do not get along with blue cheese. It is true to some extend, but you can serve blue cheese with sauternes the sweet white wine. It is amazing to serve them together; the salty and strong flavor of blue cheese is tamed by the sweet white wine.

Blue cheese with dessert wines

Dessert wines are usually great with blue cheese. You can serve blue cheese with Port and sherry.  You get port in different flavors like sweet and dark berries and the vintage port comes in dried flavors. Port is traditionally served with blue cheese. Nutty flavor sherry from Spain too is good with blue cheese.

Serving blue cheese

Many like to serve blue cheese with wine as appetizer or first course at parties.  Take the blue cheese from the refrigerator 2 to 3 hours before serving. Blue cheese is good when you serve it at room temperature. Place the blue cheese in a separate tray and keep a knife on the side.

Serve blue cheese with nuts and fruits along with wine

When you plan to serve blue cheese with wine as appetizers, also accompany nuts and fruits along with them. Blue cheese pungent smell would be too strong for some of your guests, so besides serving the appropriate wine, add some tasty nuts and fruits as side dishes to balance the flavor.


While you plan to serve blue cheese with wine for a party, try to know the preferences of your guest. This would be helpful for you to choose the right wine and dishes. Also try to serve all the varieties of blue cheese, as each one goes well with each type of wine.

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How To Serve Blue Cheese With Wine