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How To Create Table Top Wine Chillers

Wine chillersWine–chillers add to the “chill-out” factor on any occasion and, if you know to create table top wine chillers, the centerpiece of your table can turn into a master piece, being the cynosure of all eyes. Just as a vase with a “bloom of colorful flowers” add luster to the living room, similarly a table top wine chiller will represent the vivacious party spirit, waiting to uncork.


A few tips on creating wine chillers for table tops


When you think of the disposables in your household (pots, to buckets, wicker baskets) imagine they can be  at your  disposal for creating wine chillers for table topsLet us explore as to what level of creativity can be applied to the art of creating wine chillers.

You can create wine chillers for table top using:


Planters and flower pots


The terracotta look and feel can render that retro look to wine–chillers. So when you use flower pots or planters to create table top wine chillers, you feel like having reached the pinnacle  of aesthetics. There are different pot-sizes available depending on the number of bottles of wine you want to accommodate. Planters of poly-resin make are light-weight enough to become a table-top wine-chiller. You can also decorate the exterior of these planters with some designs in-tune with the theme of the occasion or something to synchronize with your taste. The decorated planter’s bottom rim can be outlined with fresh blossoms and leaves to give a natural effect.


Plastic Wine Chillers


Waste buckets lying in one corner of your house and gathering dust, can be put to good use to create a tabletop wine chiller. Cut top part of the  bucket up to the area of the handle. Make sure to cover the sharp rim of the bucket with suitably-sized sponge material, to bead the edges of the bucket. Over and above the beading, the exterior of the bucket then be decorated tastefully, either with some wallpaper with specific patterns or an absorbent cloth material. Not buckets alone but other plastic items which fit into an appropriate size and shape as a wine chiller can also be used.


Bowls (glass and crystal) and Metal containers


Bowls made of glass or crystal can be creatively used to create a table top wine chiller. The aesthetic aspects of the ‘art’ are automatically taken care of with glass or crystal ware as such ware usually comes in intricate designs. The ice, the chill and the glass create a kaleidoscope in which the colors of the party spirit come live. Metal containers also come in handy if they don’t have that worn out look, and newly polished metals (brass, bronze make) can actually add that touch of royalty to your tabletop wine chiller.


Ice Buckets


Silver, Styrofoam, or crystal ice buckets can be used for creating a wine chiller for table tops. These ice buckets can be given a finishing touch with satin ribbon bows tied up in the corners or, the exterior can also be dotted with “sparkling artificial gem stones “ to give that ultimate party look.


Fruity Wine Chillers


Pumpkins not only serve the purpose for making Jack ‘o Lanterns but also can beautifully encase as a table top wine chiller. So it is with water melon. The pulp can be hollowed out by making a wide hole in the center of the fruit and, crushed ice put in a plastic bag can be fit into the fruit cavity through that hole.  Depending upon the size of the melon or the pumpkin, you can keep wine bottles inside the fruit case to get the fruity cooling.


There are of course the store-bought wine chillers, which come in various makes, shapes, and sizes, some of which sophisticated with temperature controls and other features as well.

When it comes to ideating to create table top wine chillers, the ideas are unlimited like creativity uncorked, with the streams gushing out to find a channel!

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How To Create Table Top Wine Chillers