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Wine Is Best Paired With Festive Meals

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Wine is best paired with fWine and Festivalestivals not from today but from time immemorial. We have read so many stories dealing with wine and feast. From the time of the Christ, massive feast were arranged with gourmet meal and wine. Greeks have used the combo of wine and festivals since ages, and they do believe that this has got some health connection. Wine is good for your heart, and stomach, this has been concluded by the scientists from Swiss laboratories. Also it has been published in the British Journal that pairing wine with a good enriching festive meal can save you from heartburn, chest congestion, and digestive disorders. Let us dive deep into this theory to get more insight on how good wine gets after being paired with festival meals.



Pairing of Wine with Festivals


Festival is the occasion when you end up with abnormal acid balance in your stomach. You experience acute heart burn, acidity, and host of other stomach disorders. We gorge on rich meal and result is devastating. But researchers say that if you drink a small ounce of white wine, after a rich meal, you can be saved from heart burn and digestive complications.


What do researchers say?


Researchers and a team of gastroentologists from Nottingham laboratories entered into a simple experiment. They observed that Swiss people believe in the custom of having wine with rich meal. However three also have rich meal paired with black tea intake. What researchers did was they put some twenty men in one category. To some they fed wine with meal and to others they kept them on black tea. After couple of weeks, it was monitored that people on white wine showed better digestion than those on black tea.


Conclusion and Effect


Wine and especially white wine has power to neutralize the convulsions of acids in your stomach after consuming a rich diet. Wine slowly helps in emptying the stomach whereas black tea showed celerity in stomach emptying. Slow emptying of stomach is good in a way that it helps in better action of digestive enzymes and you feel filling and satisfied.


One of the other effect is wine will never make you gain weight. It lingers the process of digestion and thereby you feel full for long span of time. Obesity in this way can be treated.


So the research of this era confirms the fact why ancient people paired wine with festivals, after all our ancestors were wiser than we are!

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Wine Is Best Paired With Festive Meals