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How To Choose The Right Wine To Go With Cheese

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Wine and cheese pairing

Think about wine and cheese pairing like selecting accessories for your outfit. You need to select the best of the two to balance or complement each other. A great pairing will not only enhance the perception of the cheese, but also improve the flavor of the wine. Here are a few tips that will help you pair the right wine with the right cheese... 



Pair Wine And Cheese Based On The Tannin Content Of The Wine

Tannin, which is formed during the wine ageing process, has a very prominent taste, making it an important consideration when thinking of the cheese and wine pairings. 

Red wines with high tannin content will pair well with a hard cheese whereas, white wine will go well with a softer, creamier cheese. For instance, a hearty Barbara would well complement the taste of parmesan, while a Loire Sancerre would combine soundly with a crumbly goat cheese.


Pair Wine And Cheese That Come From The Same Region                             

Another great tip is to pick out the wine and cheese from the same regions. This is partly because such wines and cheese usually have similar flavor that naturally complement each other. For instance, the ever so popular Pinot Noir that hails from the Burgundy region of France, pairs best with French cheese like Camembert. If you go to a specialty gourmet store, which has an informative staff, they can help you pick out cheese from similar regions of origin.


How to Serve Cheese with Wine

The best wine and cheese pairing can go wasted if the cheese is not properly served. It is important to leave the cheese out at room temperature for at least 30 to 40 minutes before serving. If you serve the cheese right out of the refrigerator while it is cold and a little hard, the right flavors will be not be experienced by the person leading to a bad wine and cheese eating experience. 


However, one must remember that personal choice must always play an important role in choosing the right wine to go with cheese. If you feel the flavors complement each other, then that's your very own perfect wine and cheese pairing.

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How To Choose The Right Wine To Go With Cheese