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How Do You Serve Warm Wine And With What

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Serving warm wine

Even though there need not be any specific occasions or reasons to serve warm wine, you will notice that Europeans make use of Halloween and Christmas to serve warm wine. Warm wine, more popularly referred to as mulled wine, has been a favorite among the people for more than 1000s of years. Serving warm wine has become synonymous with holiday traditions now.



To serve warm wine, that is slightly spiced as well as sweetened, there are a few tricks. Before having a look at how to serve warm wine, let us have a look at one of the easiest recipes that can be used to make warm wine. Red wine is used to prepare and to serve warm wine. Red wine along with few spices and sweeteners are heated in an oven to prepare and then to serve warm wine.

Prepare warm wine by mixing 750 ml of red wine, it need not necessarily be an expensive one, with 3/4thcup of sugar [you may use white sugar or raw cane sugar as per your taste or if calorie conscious, choose an artificial sweetener], juice of one lemon, the lemon peel, 4 cloves, 2 bay leaves, 2 cinnamon and 4 cardamom. Put everything in a saucepan or a heavy bottomed vessel and heat it over the stove. Heat the mixture, never boil it. Leave it for at least one hour and then prepare to serve it.

How to serve warm wine?

 To serve warm wine, you can use small mugs. While serving, you can add a shot of any forms of liqueur like kirsch or brandy. Before you serve warm wine, you may add honey or dark brown sugar. This will help to give the warm wine a unique taste.

Make sure that the container you use to serve the warm wine is heat resistant; else your costly wine glasses will end up cracking.

What to serve warm wine with?

In general, you do not need a food pairing to serve warm wine as warm wine can be served as a desert itself. But if you are really keen, you can choose a cheese cake or a plum cake to serve warm wine with.

You can choose cheese or spiced foods to serve with warm wine. Or if you wish to enjoy a tangy side dish, then choose tomato and mozzarella cheese slices to serve warm wine with.

If you like fish, then you can roasted tuna or sword fish while serving warm wine.

Serve warm wine to add to the merry making and festivity of your festivals.

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How Do You Serve Warm Wine And With What