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How Can You Select A Fine French Wine Bottle

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When it comes to wines, most people would agree that the French wine is the best, but how can one select a fine french wine?


Though France is second to Italy when it comes to wine making, the origin of French wine can be traced back to the 6th century BC. The art of French wine making is said to have been perfected during the days of the Roman Empire and France today produces seven to eight billion bottles of wine in a year and has over 2 million acres of vineyards.


Though we all know that a perfect bottle of French wine will add on to the taste of the food, we sometimes are blank on how to choose the right bottle of wine. There are a few aspects one must consider while choosing wine, which includes the label, the taste, prices the bottle and the cork.


Key Factors Of Good Quality Wine

The key factor to determine the quality of the wine is label on the bottle.  French wine is made in various regions of France, and many of them are popular by the name of the region in which is made - Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are such examples. Some other wines are popular by the name of the grapes they are made from – a red Bordeaux wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.


Good wines come in classy bottles and always with a modest label. An expert can decipher whether a wine is classy, cheap or fine by looking at the bottle cork. A good bottle of wine will always have an oak bark cork. Sometimes the name of chateaux is printed on the cork. Longer corks are a sign of expensive wines.


Keep Away From Heat

Exposure to heat or temperature fluctuations will diminish the quality of the wine. Do not buy any bottle that has been stored near the radiator in shops. Price of course is another determinant. Cheap wines are priced lower than the classy wines. But, what wine you enjoy depends on the taste of the people drinking it. Wine should also be chosen according to occasion, food and company.


Tasting the wine you plan to buy is also a good idea. Taste is the most important determinant to purchasing good wine. Take a small sip of wine twirl it around your tongue. Certain companies like the Bordeaux, has sample trial packs even when you purchase on line. Following these expert tips will help you choose the best and the finest of French wines.


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How Can You Select A Fine French Wine Bottle