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What Are The Various Types Of Fruity Wines

I'm not a wine connoisseur but I do know a thing or two about the types of fruity wines that are available. So, what are the various types of fruity wines? There are so many, many varieties of fruit wines available commercially today. You name a fruit and voila, you have a fruit wine made out of it. But, before we get into the details of different types of fruity wines, let's do a quick lesson in fruit wine history. In case, you were wondering what a fruit wine is, lemme tell you this. Fruity wines are alcoholic beverages made from different fruits other than grapes.


In those days, making different types of fruity wines was a household affair. Not all fruits have the right balance of acids, sugars, nutritive salts for yeast feeding and water to produce wine, like grapes. So the home winemakers play around the fermentation process to produce drinkable wines from various fruits. That is enough of history for this post, let's talk about the various types of fruity wines available commercially.


Plum Wine

This wine is legendary. For close to a thousand years, plum wine has been made in China and Japan.


Apple Wine

Yes, the apple wine is also referred to as the apple cider at times. In fact cider and wine are interchangeable terms in the case of this fruit wine. When yeast ferments the apples, the delicious apple wine is born.


Pear Wine

I have always found the pear wine  a very elegant drink to accompany any meal. Its flavor will come to you as a surprise and I'm told that pear wine goes well with an array of cheeses.

Pineapple Wine

This is my favorite of all the different types of fruity wines. I love the distinct sweet yet acidic flavor of the pineapple wine. If it is made from canned pineapple juice or from sweetened pineapple juice, the flavor is better.

Banana Wine

This is the wine fit for a king, quite literally. In Uganda, banana wine is gifted to the local monarch on special occasions. Banana wine, is in fact the traditional drink of many countries in East Africa.


Strawberry Wine

Someone once told me that strawberry wine is the drink of the Gods. After, I took my first sip, I had to agree. It was good and it did make an excellent dessert wine. A simple fermentation process of the strawberries makes this excellent fruit wine.



Ok, the fruit wine list is so extensive and exhaustive. I'm not gonna bore you to death by writing more. To know more about wines in general, click here

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What Are The Various Types Of Fruity Wines