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How To Create A Cheese Platter At A Wine And Cheese Party

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Cheese Platter

Planning for a wine and cheese but confused about how to create a cheese platter at a wine and cheese party? You are at thr right place. This article will clarify all your doubts regarding how to create a cheese platter at a wine and cheese party and enable you to prepare a delicious platter of cheese to amuse your guests.




Here is a step by step guide to making a perfect cheese platter -


  • Select a nice cheese tray or platter, size depending on the number of guests invited for the party and use more than one plate for a huge crowd.

  • Keep some small bowls for serving toasted nuts and dried fruits. Accompanying cheese with dry fruits and nuts enhances the experience of eating at wine and cheese party.

  • Have some small plates for serving bread and toasts. Cheeses topped on small size toast make a great bite size snack. Serving nutty and fruity bread like pecan-raisin and cranberry-walnut bread would add more fun to eating cheese along with wine.

  • Keep baskets full of crackers for pairing with cheese. You can have a basket of assorted crackers to pair with different cheeses served.

  • Since it is a wine and cheese party, a lot of cheese recipes can be served with wine.

  • Go shopping for cheeses. Buy a variety of soft and hard cheeses. Having cheeses of different colors like yellow, blue, white and orange. A colorful cheese platter looks great and is very inviting.

  • If you are serving blue cheese or pungent cheeses, serve them along with onion rings, they taste extremely savory. You can serve them in a bowl along with the cheese platter or serve it separately in a plate.

  • Serve apple wedges or sliced pear along with the cheeses or in a separate plate.

  • Having some fig cakes and date cakes would be a good idea.

  • The main guideline to prepare a cheese platter is to have odd number of cheeses in the platter. Serving cheeses in odd numbers is visually appealing. You can also serve cheeses in even numbers if you like so.


An attractive cheese platter served at your wine and cheese party can only get accolades for you.  


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How To Create A Cheese Platter At A Wine And Cheese Party