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Learn How To Open Wines With Sealing Wax

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Freshness, taste and quality are the three key points that give a bottle of wine its uniqueness - and to preserve these, wine bottles often come with wax seal, opening which may need you to know some tricks. Therefore, if a wax-sealed wine bottle troubles you, learn how to open wines with sealing wax.

Sealing wax works as an airtight seal around the cork of the wine bottle, thereby not letting any moisture seep in and spoil the wine’s taste. The problem of opening this crops up when people, quite naturally, try to peel the layer of wax off. When not handled skillfully, this spills off the wine and creates a complete mess. Therefore, it is important that you know the correct technique of opening the wines with sealing wax. And it is quite easy too. Just follow these steps:

1.    Place a sheet of newspaper on the table and put the bottle of wine on it, with the flat end down.

2.    Rub your hands over the wax on the top of the cork vigorously. This warms up the layer of the wax and softens it a bit, which in turn, makes it easier to remove the wax layer. Alternatively, you can also pour hot water over the wax layer.

3.    Take the corkscrew and insert its worm through the top of the wax and the cork firmly.

4.    Press the levers of the sides of the corkscrew down, so that the cork roughly pops two-thirds of the way of the bottle.

5.    Now, brush your thumb over the wax, around the lip of the bottle. This will get the remaining wax off without letting them fall in the wine itself. This also ensures that the fragments of the dried wax fall on the newspaper, which is much easier to clean.

6.    Once, you finish removing the wax, pull the cork out. Do not try to lever it out. At this point, the pressure equalizes, which lets the cork come out easily.

Thus, you can easily learn how to open wines with sealing wax by following these basic steps. So, next time you host a party or even plan a romantic dinner for two, use these tips and technique and remove the sealing wax from the wine bottle neatly and skillfully. It would surely impress everyone, if not surprise them, and you would surely earn some admiration instantly!!

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Learn How To Open Wines With Sealing Wax