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Top 5 Popular Syrah-Cheese Pairings

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The pairing of cheese and wine go together like jelly and peanut butter… they just do wonders to your taste buds! So, here is a list of Top 5 Popular Syrah-Cheese Pairings, the best of the wines paired with the best of cheese ever produced! Mind you… pairing cheese with Syrah wine is worth a million bucks!

 So, grab a piece of paper and start writing.


Double Gloucester- This is a traditional English cheddar cheese which would simply delight your senses right through it first bite. The cheese has a bold orange and bright appeal with a distinct tangy taste. It has earned the reputation of being used in the preparation of Cooper Hill’s cheese rolls. Pair this cheese with the luxurious Syrah wine, sit back and simply enjoy your delectable snack! ‘


Torta del Caser- The cheese has been derived from sheep’s milk, particularly from the west central region of Spain. It has a huge fan following for its distinguishable soft, creamy texture with an intense flavor and a hint of bitterness. Cheese experts say that Torta del caser has a unique smoky flavor which distinguishes it from the rest. The perfect accompaniments of the cheese are light and crisp wine that complements its flavor.


Val Bagner, Alpage- The famous delicacy of Switzerland, the Val Bagner cheese, attracts numerous cheese lovers for its unbelievable milky flavor. This mountain cheese is lightly pressed before its savor to yield a paste in lactic and mountain pasture flavor. The cheese is particularly made from two cow breeds only- Ehringer and Fribourgeois.


Classic Blue log- This fine cheese has been shot to fame already in many cheese competitions. The makers, Bob Stetson and his better half, from Western Massachusetts, claim that the rich tangy flavor of the cheese is an addiction for all the cheese lovers. It has a fine grained texture with a blue glaucum outer-covering. The pairing of the classic blue log with red wine is a terrific combination.


Saint Marcellin- The soft and the creamy texture of the cheese is worth a million bucks. Saint Marcellin is counted one among the best cheeses ever produced by Rhone-Alpes region, France. Savor the cheese with a glass of soft white wine.


Here's Bon Appetite to all the cheese lovers! 

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Top 5 Popular Syrah-Cheese Pairings