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Margarita Has A New Dish To Accompany

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This can be wonderful news to you if you are tired having the same kind of snacks with margarita. Margarita has a unique taste due to which it cannot be had with many different dishes – in fact, even if you choose to have it, you will not like the taste of the dish. Now, however, things are fast changing and Magarita has a new dish to accompany which is thought to enhance its taste and make it an interesting option. Keep on reading to know more.


Xoconostle is one dish which is now said to be Margarita’s new companion. This is thought to be the best accompaniment which will be a real treat to eat. You can have it whenever you are having margarita – at home, with your friends or even in a picnic. The interesting part is that you do not have to cook it or spend time in preparing it. It can be easily carried in a bag and used whenever you feel like. This is actually a snack that is made from cactus tree that is grown in the town of Chapantongo which is completely an arid town. It is situated in the Mexican State of Hidalgo. The owners of this ranch Yunuen Carrillo Quiroz and Gabriel Cortes harvest these pears in their ranch and then dehydrate them. This is done with salt and other spices after which these are packaged under the popular label Xoxoc. This is how this snack is going to reach the different stores from where it is going to be sold.


This is a very saline and extremely sharp snack which is not at all good for any faint mouth. You will get a weird mix of taste with your first bite. There are many foodies who need to be coaxed again to have the second bite. This is because when you bite this snack at first, you will get an impossible sour taste. With the second bite, you will feel that there is an overdrive for your taste buds and it is very difficult to resist the urge to have more of this snack. These snacks are very addictive and once you have a bite of it, it is surely going to be very difficult for you to resist the urge to have more of it.


With the new companion of Margarita, it has been observed that the sales of the main dish are also picking up momentum as everyone desires to try it out with its newly discovered snack. So, try it out and have fun! 


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Margarita Has A New Dish To Accompany