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Tips To Make Mulling Spices

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A cup of warm tea, coffee or wine would make you feel warm on a cold day or night. This is because of the magic of mulling spices. Do you want to make mulling spices for your kitchen too? Here is how you can do that:


What are mulling spices?

Mulling spices is a blend of spices like cinnamon, clove, All spice, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, dried fruit peels and fruit petals. This blend is added to a variety of hot beverages like coffee, tea, wine, cider, etc to lend a rich flavor and warmth to it.

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Making Mulling Spices

Keep in mind the following tips to prepare Mulling spices at home:


1. While preparing mulling spices for wine, make sure that the spices are finely grounded.


2. Store the spices in an airtight container so that when you use the mixture later, its aroma is not lost.


3. Use cheesecloth to pack the mulling spices. You can use kitchen twine to tie up the bag. If you make such small bags, you can use these directly in the tea, wine and coffee.


4. Use cloves in moderation because if used in excess, cloves can overpower the actual flavor of the drink.

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Tips To Make Mulling Spices