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How To Crush Grapes For Wine Making

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If you have a growing grape vine at your backyard, you may plan of preparing wine for your own. But before taking this fun project, you must know how to crush grapes for wine making. This is an Stomping the grapes by feetimportant step for your wine making project. While crushing grapes for wine, you must be ready to bring out all the juice from the grapes. So, this process requires some patience and more energy.

Step 1
At the beginning you would be require collecting the grapes at one basket. Pick only those grapes which are firm and clear from any fungus infection. The complete process of wine making demands proper sanitization. Be careful, so that the wine does not get infected by any means. After selecting the grapes, you need de-stemming each of them. In case, the stem part remains with the grapes, it will destroy the taste of the wine. So this part is also very important. Next you should wash all the grapes thoroughly with clean running water.  Now these grapes are ready for crushing.

Step 2
There are several ways, through which the crushing task can be performed. If the amount of grapes is not too many, then you can use your hands to crush each of them. Actually this can also be done with a food processor or juicer, when you have a convenient amount of grapes. However, this may not be possible for a comparatively large amount of grapes. One of the common used processes to crush the grapes is by stomping by feet. It might sound terrible to you, but that is the way it is done even in commercial wine making places other than using the machines like crusher or presser. Since you cannot afford to install these critical machines, you don’t have any other options left other than using your feet. For stomping with feet, take a large aluminum bin to put all the grapes. Thoroughly wash your feet to remove every single bit of dart and dust and then jump over the grapes. But make sure that there is no open wound on your feet, as it will destroy the wine. You really need to jump on them to stomp hard, so that all the grapes turn to a mushy liquid.

Step 3
When the crushing part is done, shift the liquid into the fermenting jars to carry on with the fermenting process.

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How To Crush Grapes For Wine Making