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Top 10 Grape Varieties Used For Wine Making

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While making the list of top 10 grape varieties used for wine making, I found hundreds and Italian red wine made from Muscat grapesthousands varieties of grapes grown all over the world. All of them are not used for wine making. But still, there are plenty of varieties grapes used in wines; some of them are described here.

  • Auxerrois – This type of grapes are also known as Cot or Malbec. These grapes are used to create neutral wine, which is comparatively soft and has a fruity flavor. Originally these grapes are from Canada and Luxembourg.
  • Barbera – It is one of the common types of grapes, which is very widely planted at various places of the world; specially California in United States and Italy. This low-tannin type of grapes is mainly known for the tarry flavor.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – These grapes are used to prepare wines from the group of Cabernet Sauvignon. These red grapes are normally strong and small in size. These are also mixed with Merlot grapes to prepare Bordeaux. Usually these grapes are harvested in a large amount in Australia and California. The high percentage of tannin present in these grapes, improves the quality of the red wine.
  • Chardonnay – This type of white grapes are used to prepare Chardonnay wine. The fresh and fruity taste of these grapes makes the wine tastes like melon, peach or oaky. Being one of the popular varieties, these grapes are mainly grown in California, Australia, Champagne, Burgundy and South Africa.
  • Gamay – The famous Beaujolais Nouveau wine is prepared with this type of grapes from France. The wine looks light fruity red, when young and most people prefer to drink at this stage. In United States these grapes are used in Blands.
  • Grenache – Being mostly used to make the rose wine, these grapes are harvested mainly in Spain, France and California. This type of grapes are the second most popular throughout the world. The Grenache wines are generally sweet and fruity.
  • Merlot – These grapes are one of the components of the famous Bordeaux wines. The grapes offer flavors of honey, cherry or mint in the wines. These widely popular grapes are harvested in Italy, Australia, France and certain states of U.S like Washington, California, Long Island etc.
  • Riesling – this dessert wine grape can also produce fruity and crispy wine in honey and musky flavors. The native lands for this special type of grapes are Germany, France, Australia, California etc. The Riesling grapes are also used in preparing Ice wines.
  • Syrah or Shiraz – Being a product of France, Australia and California; these grapes are used to make several types of red wines. Sometimes you can also get a spicy and peppery flavor along with minerally and fruity.
  • Viognier – Mainly found in the Rhone Valley and California, this rare variety of grapes are known to make floral, apricot, citrus, apple, peach and spice flavors in the wines. Usually these grapes are used to prepare complex wines, having high acid count with medium body.


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Top 10 Grape Varieties Used For Wine Making