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How To Use Penne Alla Vodka - What To Eat With

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Before I discuss on how to use penne alla vodka, I must tell you a little about this special Italian food. The uses of penne alla vodka were mainly intended to popularize the spirit - vodka, among the Italians during the early 70s. At that time, the vodka distillers came up with this idea to cook this zesty pasta dish by adding vodka to it.

A zesty dish of penne all vodkaHow to prepare
This special Italian cuisine is not too difficult to make. In fact, the cooking method is more or less like the normal penne recipe, except the additional part of adding vodka. To prepare penne alla vodka for 4 persons, you will require following ingredients:
1 lb penne
¼ cup vodka
2 large garlic cloves
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups fresh tomato puree
½ cup heavy cream
Hot red pepper flakes and salt to taste
To start with, boil the penne according to the package direction by adding salt. On the other side, take a skillet to sauté the garlic in olive oil over medium-low heat. Add the tomato puree and the vodka to the skillet and bring them to boil. Keep it simmering for 3 minutes and season the vodka sauce with hot pepper flakes and salt. Finally add the cream over the sauce and simmer for another couple of minutes. Now when the penne is ready, drain the water and put it into the skillet to toss with the vodka sauce.

What to eat with
A dish of penne alla vodka has to be served hot and fuming so that your guests can enjoy the A freshly made bloody mary cocktailauthentic taste and flavor of this special cuisine. If you wish, you can keep a basket of Italian or French breads to eat along with the penne alla vodka. Before serving the penne alla pasta, an original Italian salad will go perfect with this. Prepare the salad with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mache and many other ingredients of your choice. But don’t forget to add real Italian dressing to the salad to make it more authentic. As a drink, you may have any choices of cocktail made with vodka. Particularly a bloody mary will perfectly match with the taste of tomato and vodka of the penne alla pasta. If you want to have a variation in your drink from the regular tomato flavor of the food, you can try with any other choices of vodka cocktail according to your choice. To end up the meal, you should serve a dessert dish. Try to add a dessert which is more authentic to Italian cuisine, as this way you can serve a complete Italian themed food to your guests.

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How To Use Penne Alla Vodka - What To Eat With