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How to make wine from juicy juice

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One can make real good and cheap wine from Juicy juice

Juicy Juice – “the very best juice for the very best kids” need not be good only of kids, but can also be used to make some fine wine for their daddies and mommies. If you are one of those home brewers who love to turn all kinds of liquids into wine then here is a real good recipe to make wine from a bottle of juicy juice. It’s simple, quick, and completely effortless. So read on





• 1 gallon – Juicy juice 

• 10 oz – Golden raisins 

• 1 pkt – Brewer’s yeast / wine yeast 

• 2 tsp – Yeast nutrient



1. Chop or crush the golden raisins after washing them thoroughly. 

2. In a clean vessel mix juicy juice, raisins, yeast, yeast nutrient, and stir to mix all the ingredients well. 

3. Now transfer the contents to a home fermenter, seal with a rubber cork, insert the air lock, and set aside for fermentation in a dark spot. Try to maintain a temperature of 65oF to 75oF for better results. The wine is ready when no more air bubbles are seen rising into the airlock.

4. An alternate technique is to pour the contents into a jar with very small opening and close the mouth of the jar with a balloon. Set the jar aside for fermenting. The balloon will blow up due to the CO2 produced during fermentation. Once the balloon deflates back the wine is ready.

5. Now siphon out the wine and taste. Adjust the sweetness by adding honey or sugar syrup to the wine. Usually acid blend or tannins are not required due to the natural acidity of the juicy juice.

6. Your juicy juice wine is now ready. I don’t really bother to age this drink…just chill the wine and have it with your meal.




I prefer the grape flavor for my wine; you can use any flavor that you like the best.

You can make the wine without golden raisin; however, since the juicy juice is a very thin juice, adding the raisins gives a nice body to the wine.


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GULU's picture
Great recipe,i use it exactly except,5cups of sugar.Ferment for 4 weeks,rack...2 more weeks,rack...2 more weeks,rack into bottles.MMMM good stuff.
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@ Gulu, Thanks for stopping by :)... And ur version seems interesting too, will surely try doing it once and check if that gives a better body and sweetness.
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@fruitlady - I am SO EXCITED to find this! I received a wine making (from fruit) kit for Christmas & have been looking for beginner recipes. Boy does this seem easy & fun!! I just followed your recipe to a "T" & it's now locked away in my pantry right now :-) said it's ready when the air bubbles stop...roughly how many weeks was that for you? Thanks so much for giving me an exciting recipe to try for my first venture!!
How To Make Wine From Juicy Juice