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How to Marry French Wines and Apéritifs With the Right Foods

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French are considered as the master of the wine world, hence serving wine with food to your French friends can be intimidating. However, there is no need to worry though, we bring to you an easy guide on how to marry French wines and Aperitifs with the right food.


French don’t just believe in starter foods, they have gone all the way and created a whole lot of starter drinks and called them Aperitifs. Aperitif in common words is a welcoming drink served to “wake up” the taste buds of your guests. In general Aperitifs are light bodied drinks served chilled. Famous French Aperitifs include Sparkling wines like Champagne, mild white wines like Bordeaux and Chablis, Rose wines, flavored liquors, and Sherry. One can also serve light beer as an Aperitif. 


In keeping with the purpose of serving Aperitifs, the food served alongside them must be light snacks like pâtés, shrimps, oysters, snails, cold cuts of ham or pork, sausages, and olives in case you want to be totally authentic. For those who are bold enough to experiment, you can try to marry the Aperitifs with other light snacks like tacos, chips, or fritters.


All French wines are made to be paired with food

In case yours is just a cocktail party, then both the Aperitifs and the wines would be served with the snacks itself. However, if it’s an elaborate dinner event then the wines would follow much later. It’s a good idea to skip the wine while serving the soups and salads. Soup being a liquid will not gel well with wine, and the vinaigrette in the salads goes against the taste of the wine.


French wines enjoy the distinction of having the most balanced acidity and sweetness, along with the best bouquet, rich body, and ability to age well. No wonder they are considered the best. Almost all French wines are made to be paired with food; you will rarely find a French bar wine plus they blend well with almost all types of food and cuisines. Some classic French wine and food pairings would be:


  •  Sea food: Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Chablis, Sancerre



  •  Meats and steaks: Red Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Red Bourgogne, Pomerol, Saint-Emilion, and Chinon.



  •  Desert: Sauternes, White Bourgogne, Rosé, Red Bordeaux, and White Bordeaux


Last but not the least, as I have always maintained, wine and food pairing is all about personal taste and choice. What has been listed here is just a guideline, you need to explore your comfort zone and marry the best French wine with the foods that you feel are right. 

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How To Marry French Wines And Apéritifs With The Right Foods