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Good Wine for Lamb

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A glass of good wine paired with a lamb dish brings out lamb’s luscious, mild flavor and makes it absolutely scrumptious! But most of the time, we are confused regarding what type of wine to be paired with a lamb dish. Is it the reds, the whites or the roses? Generally or to be precise some red wines and not all its varieties go perfectly with lamb dishes . Avoid oaky wines. Mostly French Bordeaux, Spanish Rioja, Italian, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot are paired with lamb dishes.

Lamb With WineHistory of Lamb and Wine: Pairing of lamb and wine draws its inspiration from the European traditions. In the present day also grazing sheep and planting vineyards form an important part of the European lifestyle.  Perhaps this is the sole reason behind pairing the best of Europe’s wines with American lamb dishes.

Perfect lamb dish and wine pairing: However, the wine selection generally depends cuts and its preparation. For example, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot tastes perfect with American Lamb and slow lamb dishes. A Moroccan lamb with Rioja or lamb salad dishes with Sauvignon Blanc are winners! Again a glass of chilled dry rose with grilled lamb and vegetable kabobs makes a deadly combo. The options are endless.
However, I believe that there are no set rules for pairing wine with lamb dishes. It’s all about a good instinct and creativity.                                      (Photo courtesy: )

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Good Wine For Lamb