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How to Pair Vintage Port With Food

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Here is how to pair vintage port with food. Vintage Port Wines are sweet in flavor. Better known as dessert wines, Vintage Port Wines must be carefully paired with food. The wine was invented in the mid-1700s by the English. The wine was exported to England from Portugal. In order to preserve it on its way, Brandy was added to it. These wines were originally known as called "Fortified Wines" but later they were named as “Port Wines” on the name of the seaport city of Porto. 


vintage port with cheeseWhile pairing Vintage Port wines with food, follow the instructions given below:

1.    You may already know that Vintage Port, such as vintage wine, is better than non-vintage wine and it comes from a specific year. However, every wine is not declared a vintage for port. It is the duty of the individual port houses to declare the wine as a vintage. This decision is based on the fineness of the grape crop in a specific year. 

2.    Port is a sweet, viscous wine, so it is pairs well with very limited types of foods. Because of its sweet taste, it is a desirable drink to end a perfect dinner and it is also treated as an amazing dessert on its own. 

3.    Vintage Port is best paired with almost all types of cheese, especially Stilton cheese. Its succulent cherry and chocolate flavors go well with English Stilton cheese and grapes. 

4.    Chocolate tastes delicious even when paired with Vintage Port, so does nuts and dry fruits. Out of all dry fruits, walnuts are most delicious with Vintage Port. Fresh fruits namely strawberries, apples and pears are also enjoyable with Port.

5.    Whether you want to pair Vintage Port with food or you wish to enjoy it alone, ensure to store and serve it properly. 

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How To Pair Vintage Port With Food