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What Is a Good Wine to Go With Turkey?

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wine pairing with turkey While planning a thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and lunch party, the one thing that always leaves everyone confused is the what is a good wine to go with turkey? There are many options of wine such as white, red and rose that you can choose from while presenting turkey to your special guests. So, I am going to share some tips that will help you in deciding what is a good wine to go with turkey?

1. Dry and oakey Chardonnay is one of the widely appreciated options of dry white wines. You can pair the turkey with this or something similar according to personal taste.  If you serve mashed turnips or turkey stuffing, then Sauvignon Blanc or White Burgundy would be best choices. 

2. White Zinfandel is again the most universally suitable wine option that can do wonders with almost all types of turkey parties. It would be more appreciated if you and your guest like sweet wine. 

3. Another excellent wine pairing option for turkey is Riesling. It is widely known for the balanced sweetness and acidity, which make Riesling the most compatible wine options for various dishes. The Spätlese Riesling and drier Kabinnet are some of common favorites of America. 

4. Lastly, if you like red wines then, Pinot Noir would the ultimate choice. Mostly preferred to be served chilled, Pinot Noir is known for minimum tanning and its universal appeal.

I hope this helps you in choosing the most compatible and good wine to go with turkey.   

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What Is A Good Wine To Go With Turkey?