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How to Serve Cabernet Wine

This blog tells you about how to serve Cabernet Wine. Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is a bold red wine that is best paired with red meat. Cabernet wines were created several years ago from an older grape variety – Cabernet Franc.

The way of serving both Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon is pretty much the same. 

  1. Cabernet wines are best to served when chilled. So, they should be properly chilled. The most appropriate chilling temperature should be around 60 degrees.

  2. Make sure to decant the wine and allow it to breathe by letting it rest for about 20 minutes in a decanter.

  3. Choose the best pairings for wine. Apart from red meat, pasta with red sauce and pork roasted leg of lamb or steaks go along well with Cabernet wines.

  4. The wine may lose its flavor due to oxidation, so it is recommended to consume it within 3 days. 

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How To Serve Cabernet Wine