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How to Serve Shiraz Wine

We will tell you about how to serve Shiraz wine. This blog will equip you with answer if someone asks how to serve Shiraz wine. Wine attracts a variety of consumers worldwide. While some of those concentrate on the taste, while others are passionate about its origin and flavors. Shiraz is a very popular wine that is easily available. Serving Shiraz wine properly will undoubtedly enhance its taste. 


Step 1

The bottle of Shiraz wine must be prepared in advance. It should be allowed to sit in a suitable environment and kept sealed until its temperature reaches 60-65 degrees. This is the optimal temperature for serving Shriaz that brings out its flavor at its best. 


Step 2

Choose proper glasses. A particularly shaped glass is meant for a specific category of wine, Shiraz is best served in 22 7/8-ounce glasses which are 9 3/4 inches high.


Step 3

Shiraz wines should be allowed to breathe. Leaving the bottle opened for about an hour will enable it to release tannins thereby revealing the true taste of wine. On the contrary, when it is poured in glass it does not get sufficient time to breathe. So, the bottle should be kept opened and the temperature should be adjusted or poured into the glass before it has to be enjoyed. 

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How To Serve Shiraz Wine