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How to Pour Wine Properly

We will tell you about how to pour wine properly. 

Wine pouring is an age-old tradition. Pouring that perfect glass of wine requires you to follow some rules. These do not merely include the etiquettes for social gatherings but affect the taste of the wine being served. 

1.    The host of a party should always serve the wine. The first few drops of the wine must be poured in his/her own glass by the host. This is to make sure that the wine being served to the guests tastes fine.

2.    The wine should be first served to ladies.

3.    Each glass should just be filled halfway. The host must ensure that the glass of all the guests stays full so, it should be filled as soon as it becomes empty. 

4.    Before the onset of the party it should be ensured that wine is at the required temperature and  appropriate glasses are used for each type of wine.

5.    The wine should be served before dinner so, as to allow the guests to taste it. The wine bottle should be left on the table in order to attract the guests. . 

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How To Pour Wine Properly