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How To Throw A Wine Party

I am going to tell you about how to throw a wine party . Ask me, I think they are amazing! 

Wine-themed bashes are so simple yet so much fun. But people often have queries on how to throw a  wine party within the comfort of their home. Read on …

1.    The most important and the hardest question is what type of wines to select. A pro must select brands that suits his taste,  while novice must take the assistance of someone at the wine store. Cabernets and pinos are essential while syrahs and rose are good to have.

2.    Always have accompaniments to go with your wines. Cheese platters or pretzels in dishes can make excellent serves.

3.    Place wines and plastic wine glasses at one place. Set up wines in ice buckets in case they need to be chilled. Use of plastic wine glasses not only prevent glass accidents, but also help in easy clean up post party.

4.    Attach a tag with each wine to give its basic information. This may become a conversation starter for guests when they meet while they pour their wines.

5.    Remember to a keep an empty jar where guests may pour the wines they dislike. Also keep a jar full of clear water nearby in order to rise the glasses. 

6.    The simpler the décor, the better. Wine themed plates and napkins would be a great idea. Plastic rubber grapes and colorful bottles around the cheese platters may add to the elegance.  But dont overdo it.   

7.    Along with the invitation do not forget to tell your guests that wine and appetizers shall be served, so that they do not land empty stomach. 

8.    Keep soda and water for guests who do not drink.

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How To Throw A Wine Party