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Types Of Amber Wine Or Rose Wine

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Amber wine

Amber wine can be said to be a man's tribute to a woman as he drinks to  the color of her blush, and hence, it is also called the Blush or Rose wine. Amber Wine is one of the most elegant forms of wine and is prepared using stalk less grapes. South France is known to be the maker of the best Amber Wines available today. 


Amber Wines are mostly pink, light purple or light orange in color, but it may also be deep pink or deep purple in color. The color of an Amber wine is determined by the duration for which the fruit is allowed to remain in contact with its skin. As soon as the color is achieved, the skin is peeled off from the grapes so that the particular tinge can be retained. Amber wines are mostly made for immediate consumption as the flavor and color tend to change if kept for a longer period of time.

Rose wines

Essentially, there are three types of Amber Wine -

1) Cabernet Franc - This Amber wine retains the original amber tint. Cabernet Franc is characterized by its unique berry or bell pepper-like aroma and is usually served as a summer drink.

2) White Zinfandel - This is the blush or pink-colored Amber wine which  is characterized by its unique fruit-like flavor. Zinfandel grapes are used to make this Rose wine and hence its name. White Zinfandel cannot be classified as an alcoholic beverage and is also a bit sweeter than the other Amber wines.

3) Grenache Rose - The third type of Amber wine, Grenache Rose is a very popular beverage in France and parts of Spain. Grenache Rose is great for consuming with seafood and spicy meat dishes. Grenache Rose can be consumed during Fall or summer time.

Amber wine is a true delight in sense it creates an aura of mystery.

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Types Of Amber Wine Or Rose Wine