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a White Wine Glass and a Red wine Glass.

What is the diffrence between a White Wine Glass and a Red wine Glass


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Tamara's Kitchen Tips A White Wine Glass will be slightly elongated and have a small opening, it is made in this way because white wine is meant to be served chilled. The small opening helps to keep the wine cool.A Red Wine Glass will be round and have a large opening. The opening allows the Red wine to breathe, creating a fuller taste.Interesting tid bit about Southern Italy:You can order wine very cheap in Italy (of course!); the cheapest way to taste the regions wines is to order Vino di Casa also known as House Wine. It's very good wine and you can usually get a carafe (pitcher) for under 5 Euro (6 dollars). Now that's a Deal!Bon Appetite! Tamara   
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Typically a red wine glass wine is 8 oz and white wine glass is 12 oz. BTW do you even get wine or wine glasses in Raiwala ???