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Spit And Twit- Wine Tasting Goes Twittering!

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Now I just got to hear about a wine tasting event like no other! Yes, City Winery will host this interactive wine tasting event where one has to taste the wines and then twitter their opinions about the wine. Yup, no wonder it is called Spit and Twit!


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It must be the first time that something as archaic and elegant as wine tasting is joining hands with the dynamic and most retro process of twittering. This event is definitely bringing together wine and tech enthusiasts under one roof. The opinions that have been tweeted will be broadcast locally and globally to the online community.



The wine tasting event being held by City Winery in partner ship with WineTwits, WIRED , Bottle Rocket Wine and Spirit will feature almost 100 Different wines from all over the world.  Check this site out to learn more about this event including ticket details! Dont miss this, it is definitely gonna be fun!



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Spit And Twit- Wine Tasting Goes Twittering!