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6 Tips To Travel Gluten-Free

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People who are gluten intolerant or are affected with celiac disease, generally have  lots of problems when it comes to travel gluten free. This is a universal health issue and most countries have proper places and resources for helping you with a gluten free travel aid.




Here are 6 tips to travel Gluten-free and enjoy your holiday experience 


  1. Plan in advance- Whenever you are planning a vacation, the choice of your mode of travel will greatly matter for imposing a gluten-free travel. If you are planning a road trip, gluten-free travelling is an easier option, since you have easier option to carry your food resources from your own place largely. Thus, make a list of all those food items that will help to travel gluten-free. If however, you are planning a trip by air or train, you may want to call in early and request to know what the menu carries.
  2. Carry your tuck- To Travel gluten-free is not that tough a job if you plan your nibbles in advance! Carry your gluten-free snacks like homemade trail mix with cashews, almonds, dried cherries, and dried cranberries along with chopped vegetables such as carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes, gluten-free crackers, pretzels, and portable hummus.  These snacks are delicious, ‘clean’ foods that are easy to carry and easy to pop into your mouth on the move.
  3. Choose wisely- Whenever you plan to travel gluten-free, look at your itinerary carefully. Plan to stay in and around areas that have easily accessible restaurants and eating joints that cater to serve gluten free foods.
  4. Always ask- If you are planning a gluten free travel, never shy away from asking eating places if they cater to these needs specifically. Always ask the restaurant staff, manager, and locales if the joints serve real gluten-free food.
  5. Plain and simple- When on a gluten-free travel try and keep your orders plain and simple. In the bid to add taste and flavors to the food, it is possible that the eateries may add certain amounts gluten foods unknowingly. Go for safe meals like Poached chicken, steamed veggies, and tofu when you are unsure of the authenticity of the Gluten-free nature of the food on the menu.
  6. Strange lands- If you are on a travel gluten-free trip to place where the language of the locales are not known,  it is the best idea to carry a pocket language book so that you can communicate about your gluten -free requirement properly.

These are 6 handy tips to travel gluten-free.

Wish you an enjoyable  yet healthy journey!

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6 Tips To Travel Gluten-Free