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8 Healthy & Easy Travel Eats You Can Pick

Easy travel eats sometimes sounds like an oxymoron because one inevitably runs into one of these situations. Here are a few easy travel eats to pick. Either they are over way before you expected them to last, or the luggage is considerably heavier due to them or the worst case: they go bad or are ruined due to rough handling of the luggage. Picking travel eats doesn’t have to be so tedious if you keep in mind a few pointers. You don’t want any soft food as it might get crushed and make a mess when constantly jolted up and down. The foods you choose have to pack a lot of energy in little volume. Here are a few handy tips for your snack bag for the next trip or hike.


Fruit: Delicious, energy giving and thirst quenching but they can also be heavy and make a mess if not packed well. Choose relatively hard and firm fruits so that you avoid a fruit puree puddle in your bag. Apples and pears are good examples.

Dried Fruit: If you wish to take other fruits, drying them is a good option. Even fresh fruit can be dried. They make storage and transport easy and keep much longer. Food dehydrators dry fruit very well. Plan about a week ahead and you can start dehydrating fruit and packing them a little at a time so your snack bag is ready just before you set out.

Nuts and Dry Fruits: These are real energy boosters and a small zip lock bag of mixed dry fruits and nuts such as raisins, figs, cashews, almonds and walnuts would be a blessing at that point in the trek where you expect no eatery for a while.

Peanut Butter and Crackers:  You can get the goodness of a peanut butter sandwich but in a more compact form by substituting bread with crackers. With no utensils at all you can just scoop out some peanut butter using a cracker and use another cracker to spread it. That will be your quick and non-messy carbohydrate shot.

Granola bars:  High in dietary fiber these bars keep you full for a long time. They are not too high in sugar and that helps you avoid unnecessary calories.

Cheeses: Even when not served elegantly on a platter with grapes and fruits these keep their promise of satisfying your hunger. Any relatively hard cheese like Gouda slices are a good option.

Carrots: Not too many vegetables make their way into the snack category. Carrots are an exception. Not many appreciate it plain but try pairing them up with the cheese or a blob of peanut butter.

Lemonade Concentrate: Don’t purchase the chemicals they sell for the plain fact that you can make the concentrate in a jiffy. Use lime instead of lemon. They are sourer and hence you need less of the concentrate.   Squeeze about 7-8 limes. Dissolve about 8-10 spoons of sugar in the juice and about one teaspoon of salt. This will give you about 250-400 ml of concentrate. When in need of a lemonade, pour a little in a one liter bottle, fill the bottle with water and give it a good shake.  You have a liter of lemonade!


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8 Healthy & Easy Travel Eats You Can Pick