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Top 10 Places Worth A Plane Ride

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Let’s say you won million dollars and wanted to go around the world savoring the best cuisine there is out there. You are undecided as to which are the places to go on a plane. Here are a few suggestions from the experts and master chefs regarding where in the world you should go to achieve this.  Top 10 places worth a plane ride.

1. Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark:  The winner of the world’s best restaurant by Pellegrino, Best Restaurant in Europe by Acqua Panna and the winner of the 2009 Chef’s choice award. This restaurant is all about innovative and sophisticated cooking using the very best of ingredients. A restaurant to be revered for its excellence and a must see. Chef Rene Redzepe is a name in the cooking circles to be reckoned with.

2. Alinea in Chicago, Illinois, USA: They won the best restaurant award in North America. Grant Achatz does it all and leads the ship, having two more projects in the pipeline. Step in here to see what goes on. It is all about the chefs and their magic.

 3. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain: Three brothers who are making it happen, head chef Joan Roca, maitre d’ and head sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi with their state-of-the-art kitchen/ cum-lab cum-wine cellar display is worth all the trouble of flying there. Their meteoric rise to the top has a reason and it is their food.

4. Benu, San Francisco: This one opened in August and has two dining options an ‘a la carte’ to select from small appetizers and a ‘tasting menu’ with over 10-15 courses. Chef Corey Lee has made it happen and they got 3 ½ stars to their credit. A must go place for fine dining at its best.

5. Diner by Heston Blumenthal, London: British chef winner of 3 Michelin stars at Fat Duck restaurant is using his British recipes as inspiration. This will be opening soon and being from fat duck has its own name to carry through. A glass wall separates kitchen from dining with a 16th century design of a stainless steel pulley from the Royal British courts. Should be a very interesting experience.

6. M.Wells, Long Island City, New York: This one is a retro-fitted train that will take you on a journey with their American and Montreal dishes with pickled pig’s tongue, escargots and bone marrow. Their breakfast sandwich is the best. The place is overseen by Hugue Dufour and his wife Sarah Obraitis. They are open 10-4pm.

7. Mirazur, Menton, France: Pim Techamuanvivit found this quaint restaurant in a village in French Riviera. Mauro Colagreco the Argentinian Chef grows his own produce on the premise and whips up a wicked meal that will leave you wanting more according to Pim.  In 2009 he was named the Chef of the Year by Gault Millau the 1st non-French to get the title. A must visit to enjoy the views, the ambience and the delightful food.

8. Tickets, Barcelona, Spain: Ferran Adria is opening a contemporary bar called Tickets as well as a cocktail bar. This place will be a pleasant surprise since theatrical ‘stages’ will be set up throughout the restaurant to showcase seafood tapas or artichokes with idiazabal cheese serum.

9. Osteria Francescana, Italy: Cutting edge food and nominated to the world’s 50 best restaurants. Massimo Bottura’s superb looking dishes are an art just as the walls of this place are adorned with the best contemporary art in the world. His artistic dishes are to be admired even before eating them.

10. La Colombe, South Africa: Under the stewardship of British Luke Dale Robert this restaurant has been voted one among the best 50 restaurants of the world since his arrival in 2006 here. It shot up to #12 on the list of 2010. The impressive wine list and food here is worth the travel all the way there.

So if you are still wondering about the places to go on a plane, wait no more just take off and enjoy it all.


For more info and Image Credit: Best Restaurants of The world

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Top 10 Places Worth A Plane Ride