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What Foods To Carry While Going On Hiking

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Hiking is one of my favorite leisure time activities. There is nothing like packing a backpack, some food, maybe a camping gear and setting off towards the mountains. Forget the hustle and bustle of city life, the stress, the deadlines all the chaos and head towards serene nature. Unwind, relax and rejuvenate in her lap. But before you go ‘what foods to carry while going hiking’ becomes the priority on your mind. Here are a few tips that might help.

Most important to carry on any trip is water. Hiking entails walking for long distances in the sun, on rugged terrains and staying far away from civilization. Water is most needed and it is important to keep one hydrated throughout the trip. 66% of human body is water and we need to replenish this as we go.

 Hikers may survive without food but without water they cannot get too far. The worst scenario is if a hiker gets dehydrated and collapses in the wild with no help around. Sometimes good, clean spring water is available in the spring and rivers. Boiling this water and drinking or at least filtering it might help if none is available.

Food for hikers is carefully thought about, with emphasis on nutrition, size of package, freshness and shelf life. Fresh food will not stay for too long especially when hiking in the sun or the cold temperatures. So making sure it is healthy with protein and nutrients to give enough energy for the hike is important.

Sandwiches, salads and veggies are good for energy and nutrition. They might not stay fresh for too long so these can be eaten on the first day. Noodles, soups, cereals, muesli are good on the go.

The best food is Trail Mix an assortment of nuts and raisins high in protein calories that can sustain energy. Nutri bars like Granola bars or cereal bars are ideal for hiking trip. They are light and easy to fit in a backpack. Every time a hiker feels the urge to eat, a bite of this can keep you going with a sip of water to go with it.

Nuts, crackers, biscuits are other healthy snacks to carry with one to munch on when making a pit stop. Beef Jerky is the most popular snack loaded with proteins to keep you going. Dried fruits and nuts and other dehydrated foods available in sealed packs.

If a hiker has room in his backpack to carry a small saucepan for cooking then oats, porridge, semolina or noodles are convenient to cook and eat over a small firewood fire. These days’ pre-cooked noodles and rice are available in sealed packets. They only need to be immersed in water for re-hydration.

Frozen meals like rice pudding and noodles with rice or chicken are also available. Canned foods are popular too. Powdered milk, coffee, tea bags, sweeteners and hot chocolate powder would be good to take to boost one’s energy on a hike.

So wait no longer, pack those bags and take off for a vacation with the right kind of food packed for the trip. You will be back to routine rejuvenated and rearing to go!

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What Foods To Carry While Going On Hiking