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Popular Food Ideas For Hiking

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One of popular hiking ideas is to keep more water and less foods in your bags.Planning for hiking could be challenging especially when you think of what food should you keep in your bag other than water that can provide quick energy, is easily accessible and doesn’t load you down with weight. A popular food idea guide for hiking can relieve you from putting much pressure on your brains. Here are some tips.

How to conserve your water stocks?: Sugar is a great source of energy and this energy can be taken from snacks like chocolate chips, fruit roll-ups or M&Ms. You can also keep a handful of raisins, dried apricots or banana chips in your trouser's pocket and have them in between to conserve your water stocks. You can also bring crackers, a can of spray cheese, nuts, cooked bacon as topping on crackers and hard candies from which you can satisfy your energy, carbohydrate and protein intake while hiking.

Use Tinned Foods: Tinned foods, which contain fruits, ham, sausages, tuna, spaghetti, soup or peas, are also good ideas while hiking. They are considered a good choice because you can eat them cold in case of an emergency. It is recommended to carry less food and more water to prevent yourself from dehydration.

Other Ideas: If you are planning a long hiking trip, you can mix couscous(similar to porridge), with honey, chopped dry fruits and powdered milk for quick and nutritious breakfast. Another great breakfast food idea during hiking can be Bulghur wheat. Before mixing it with chopped almonds, dried cranberries, sugar and cooking it, Bulghur wheat must be soaked overnight as it drastically reduces cooking time. For lunch or dinner, you can prepare mushroom in brown sauce or potatoes, beef gravy and jerky. Do not forget to keep basic condiments and spices like salt, pepper and tomato sauce.

These popular food ideas for hiking will hopefully satisfy your hunger pangs and save your time of preparing a full meal between the hikes.

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Popular Food Ideas For Hiking