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Top 5 Camp Food Recipes For Kids

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Camp food being enjoyed by kidsTop 5 camp food recipes for kids are perfect to make your kids happy in their camp. You need to prepare foods which are good to eat, nutritious and very filling…and as parents, you will surely wish to ensure that your child gets the best in nutrition when on an outing. Most camp foods are especially prepared for kids and are made with ingredients which are not harmful for their health, which provides them the required energy and is also tasty or else kids wouldn’t prefer these foods.

These recipe ideas for kids are quite common – you can even suggest these recipes to the chef who is responsible for preparing meals…check out the top recipes and let your kids enjoy.

1. Breakfast sandwiches – When children are camping they need something which is very nutritious and fulfilling. Breakfast sandwiches can be made with a variety of ingredients which includes ham filling, a lovely and very sumptuous cheese and tuna filling, egg filling, vegetable and cheese filling along with some sea-food filling too. Use any variety of bread – in fact you can bring in variations by Blueberry maple pancakes are loved by kids using ginger bread and sweetened bread. Remember that these sandwiches need to be small in size and very tasty. You can serve them with peanut butter sauce or whipped cream or chocolate sauce.
2. Blueberry maple pancakes – These are also a very popular campsite breakfast menu. These pancakes can be eaten with sausages and bacons in camps. Do not sprinkle chilies as kids might find them difficult to eat and digest. You can serve these interesting delicious pancakes along with blueberry syrup. A hot glass of milk or fruit juice can also be served with these pancakes.
3. Grilled chicken burgers – This makes a great lunch menu. Children are fond of chicken and when they are eaten as burgers they will be very filling. Grilled chicken burgers will be low in fat but will provide your kids with the required energy. Variations can be used in chicken burgers by replacing Italian meatball stew is sumptuous and very healthythese chicken burgers with slices of pineapple and also lettuce. Kids find it interesting and delicious to eat.
4. Italian meatball stew – This stew is prepared especially in kids camps. This is easy to make and is often served in between meals when children feel hungry. This meatball stew is prepared with meat, cabbage and tomatoes. It tastes wonderful when eaten with new potatoes and delicious corns on the cob. You can serve them to the kids with butter crunchy garlic bread if you choose to serve it as a lunch item.
5. Cheese crisps – kids love snacks which are munchy. Crisp cheese can be in the form of cheese balls or cheese cubes. These can be dipped in whipped cream or any sauce of their liking so that they enjoy the crispiness of these balls in their leisure time.

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Top 5 Camp Food Recipes For Kids